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Adult Bible Study-Wednesdays

Wednesday Bible Study
10:00 am
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1 Peter

The main issue that Peter deals with in this letter is the difficulties that Christians face as they live in a society that is not receptive to the Christian faith and life.  Sufferings that come as a result of persecutions, temptations to slip back into heathen ways, tendencies for non-Christian ways to infect the Christian community, and inclinations to become discouraged must all be confronted and overcome if the Christian is to survive in a hostile society.

March 7—Be holy! 1:13-2:20
March 14—Live good lives among the ungodly-2:11-3:7
March 21—Do good for the Lord's sake-3:8-22
March 28—Rejoice in your sufferings-4:1-19
April 4—Live as God's flock-5:1-14