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Bible Study

You’ve heard the objections. These and many more!

• There are many paths to God.
• What kind of God demands worship?
• There are hypocrites in the church.
• Religion is a crutch for the weak.
• Where is God when I’m hurting?
• I want to feel good about myself.
• All the church cares about is money.
• Can a loving God send people to hell?
• Christianity is so anti-woman.
• I can’t handle your outdated view of sex.
• How do I know I’m a Christian?
• I’ll be rejected by family and friends.

You’ve heard the objections, but you don’t feel prepared to answer them. What if, instead of racking our brains for just the right passages, we would begin instead with the right story? A story that sets the living Jesus before their eyes?

We might come away concluding, “All I really needed to know I learned in Sunday School.” This approach, called Bible Story Evangelism, might be just what we need, not just to set Jesus before those outside the church but also before those who are in danger of drifting away.

Can you tell the story of Peter’s denial? of the Emmaus disciples? of the weeds and the wheat? of Judas’ betrayal? of the woman at the well? of the woman who anointed Jesus with the expensive perfume? Then you’ve already got a vivid way to respond to six of the objections above. Even if you can match them up yourself, we encourage you to join us on Sunday mornings. We’ll be looking at stories of Jesus and asking ourselves, “Who needs to hear this?”

March 17          Lesson 1        The Lost Son and the Waiting Father (Part 1): Why stories?
March 24          Lesson 2        The Lost Son and the Waiting Father (Part 2): Why stories?
March 31          Lesson 3        The Visit of the Magi: What kind of God demands worship?      
April 7              Lesson 4        The Birth of Jesus: Isn’t this all a myth, not history?
April 14            Lesson 5        The Faith of the Canaanite Woman: Isn’t Christianity anti-woman?
April 21                                  No Class Easter Sunday
April 28            Lesson 6         Gethsemane: Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?
May 5               Lesson 7         Peter Disowns Jesus: What if I want to feel good about myself?
May 12             Lesson 8         Jesus Before Pilate: What is truth?
May 19             Lesson 9         The Crucifixion: Where is God when I’m hurting?
May 26             Lesson 10       Jesus Appears to Thomas: Why can’t I just believe what I see?