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Bible Study

Timely Topics, Timeless Truths
Does it seem like you’re swimming upstream against the rushing river of society’s thinking? You believe one thing, but so many around you at your work, school, and in your neighborhood, and so many influential people that you hear or read about, believe something foreign to your faith. How are you going to speak intelligently, and yet faithfully and lovingly hold to God’s Word, on matters that everyone is talking about today? Our new study, Timely Topics, Timeless Truths, brings today’s challenging issues out into the open where we can become educated on the topics, see guidance from God’s Word, and become prepared to speak the truth in a spirit of Christian love.
The God Who Made Me
June 3           Intelligent DesignFriend or foe in the war of worldviews?
June 10         Global WarmingHow concerned (and how green) should we be?
June 17         Gender IdentityWho makes the call (and how)?
The God Who Saves Me
June 24         Santa ClausDoes the man in the red suit spell “Saint” or “Satan” for Christmas?
July 1            Secret BaptismA grandparent’s right—or wrong?
July 8            Close CommunionAre we closing the door on reaching the lost?
What’s a Christian to Say?
July 15          Overweight or Overfit? The narrow Lutheran middle
July 22          They Posted WHAT?! Addressing inappropriate use of social media by Christians
July 29          I’m Spiritual, Not ReligiousResponding correctly to critics and pundits
What’s a Christian to Do?
August 5       Tattoos—Still Taboo? Should a Christian get a tattoo?
August 12     They’ve Done WHAT?! Reacting properly when the sin of living together strikes close to home
August 19     No Class – Worship in the Park
August 26     A Christian’s Use of Psychoactive MedicationA crutch, a blessing, or a danger?