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    School PreK-8
    Bible Studies
    Staff & Leaders
    Our Calendar
Organizations to Join
- Enrolling your children in our LES.
- Bringing your children to our Sunday Children’s Bible Study

- Coordinating Council
    Youth & Child Discipleship
       LES committee
       Volunteer time to the school
       Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
       CBS Teacher or helper
    Adult Discipleship
       Planned Giving Committee
       Women of St. John's
        Altar Guild
       Laudamus Ensemble (Band)

- Fantasy Sports – Football, Baseball, Basketball,
   NCAA Basketball, Pick’em, NCAA Bowl Pick’em
- YPS (Young People’s Society)
- Adult Softball
Wise Penny Counter help
Bible Study – Sundays and Wednesdays
Church Picnic Coordinator
Youth Activities Coordinator

And MUCH, MUCH, MORE. We believe that if everyone does a little a lot will get done to advance the ministry of St. John’s Evangelical Church. If you ever want to get more information about our church you can go to our website at www.stjohnsredwing.org.

Please Read our Vision Document to see what you can do to help.
1. Adult Spiritual Growth
2. Financial Stewardship
3. Reclaiming the Lost
4. Worship
5. Outreach
6. Youth ministry
7. Child Discipleship
8. Special Needs Ministry
9. Group Life & Fellowship

If you have not received a copy yet please contact a pastor or our church secretary during regular office hours.