Principal Chris Avila, Gr. 6-8

Mr. Chris Avila, originally from Michigan, is a 2006 graduate of MLC. He served as principal at St. Matthew Lutheran in Stoddard, WI. He began his ministry at St. John's in 2016. He is a big Lions & Wolverines fan.  

His e-mail: principalavila@stjohnsredwing.org.

Mrs. Lisa Avila, Gr. 1-2
Mrs. Lisa Avila is a 2006 graduate of MLC. She previously served as the K-1 grade teacher in LaCrosse, WI. Her father and grandfather were ministers for the WELS. She began her ministry with St. John's in 2016.

Her e-mail: mrsavila@stjohnsredwing.org.
Mrs. Pam Klatt, Admin. Assistant
Mrs. Klatt is at the nerve center of the school. If you have a question on schedules, lunches or information about our school she is the one to contact. She began as the Administrative Assistant the Fall of 2015
Phone: 651-388-2611
Her e-mail: schoolsecretary@stjohnsredwing.org
Miss Holly Lentz, Gr. 3-5
Miss Holly Lentz, a Dec. 2011 MLC Graduate, has always loved school.  She loves to read the how's and why's of history and how that shaped historic events.   Her call to St. John's is the second call of her ministry. She began her ministry at St. John's in 2013 teaching grades 1-2 and in 2016 began teaching grades 3-5. She loves horses and, being from Manitowoc, WI, loves the Packers, too. Miss Lentz has also been in summer plays at the Sheldon.
Her e-mail:misslentz@stjohnsredwing.org.
Mrs. Caitlin Schrimpf, Pre-K & K
Mrs. Caitlin Schrimpf teaches Preschool and Kindergarten.  She started at St. John's in 2017.
Her e-mail: mrscschrimpf@stjohnsredwing.org.
Miss Judy Thumann, Instructional Aide
Miss Thumann came back to St. John's after teaching 5th grade in Grand Meadow, MN. She has done some substitute teaching for St. John's LES and was one of our Sunday School Teachers. She now is an Instructional Aide teaching several upper grade classes like math, reading and spelling. She helps the kids with their reading and math skills.  Miss Thumann also does reading testing for the entire school in the fall, winter and spring. Her e-mail is missthumann@stjohnsredwing.org