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Pastor's Update

Pastor's Weekly update

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
421 East Avenue
Red Wing, MN 55066
Phone: 651-388-2149
Worship services:
Sunday: 8:00 & 10:30 a.m.
Monday: 7:00 p.m.

Worship services:
Sunday: 8 & 10:30 am
Monday: 7 pm
Dear members and friends of St. John’s,
We keep in our prayers this week those affected by Hurricane Harvey as they begin their recovery efforts. For more information on our WELS congregations in that area and how you can donate to support relief efforts, read more below.
A look at the upcoming week:
• 13th Sunday after Pentecost
• Service times return to 8 & 10:30
• The sermon is based on Joshua 2:8-21 - "A Story of God's Grace"
• New Sunday Bible Class - Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture - More information below
• Pre-marriage class at 7 pm
• Worship at 7 pm
• First day of school!
• Special Communion at 4 pm
• Wednesday Morning Bible Class begins at 10 am - Luther's Large Catechism
• Public School Catechism Class begins at 3:45 pm
Upcoming Events
• Friday, September 8 - Family Fun Night / PTO
--All school families are invited to the Smiths (932 Pioneer Rd) for a potluck picnic
--A brief PTO meeting will also take place that evening
• Thursday, September 14 - Movie Screening
--Area WELS churches are partnering to host a screening of the new Luther movie, Return to Grace, at the Marcus Hastings Cinema
--Tickets ($10) can be purchased through a link on the St. John's, Hastings website (www.stjohnslutheran.com/areturntograce.html)
--Meal at Green Mill Restaurant in Hastings at 4:30 pm, sign up at church by Monday, Sept. 11
• Tuesday, September 19 - New Bible Information Class
--We will meet at 6:30 pm in the church basement
--This class is for those might be considering joining our church or those who want to review material from their own confirmation classes
--If you are interested, please contact Pastor Sternberg
• Friday, September 22 - Ladies Lunch
--Lake House on Pepin (Lake City) at 11:30 am
--Carpool meets at 11 am, sign up at church by Wednesday, Sept. 20
Sunday Bible Class
Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture
What does it mean to be a Lutheran Christian? Martin Luther sparked the Reformation when he nailed his protest to the door of the Castle Church in 1517. That protest had the one goal: bring the church back to the foundation of the Bible. To be a Lutheran Christian means to base our teaching and practice on the Bible alone. Our new study, Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture, presents 12 important biblical principles that are still important to us and all Bible-believing Christians today. Join us as we explore these important and enduring truths.
Each lesson will include a short clip from the new Luther movie, A Return to Grace: Luther’s Life and Legacy.
September 3 – The Beginning: Baptism
September 10 – God’s Undeserved Gift: Justification by Grace
September 17 – Not for Sale: Forgiveness in Christ Alone
September 24 – Christ’s Body and Blood: Holy Communion
(October 1 – Pastor Joel Gaertner – Jesus Cares)
October 8 – Forgiven but Not Perfect: Saint and Sinner
October 15 – Witness Together: Augsburg Confession
October 22 – Join and Sing to the Lord: Congregational Worship
October 29 – All Serve Christ: Vocation
November 5 – One Authority: Scripture Alone
November 12 – Bold Witness: Confidence Drawn from Scripture
November 19 – Not by Force: Power of the Word
November 26 – My Bible: The Bible into People’s Hands
Lord's blessings on your weekend,
Pastor Sternberg


Hurricane Harvey Updates
This went out earlier in the week from South Central District President Don Patterson:
I want to give  an update (albeit incomplete) about what we know about the property damage Harvey has caused for our WELS saints and their communities and to inform you about relief efforts you could support.
The good news so far is that we have no fatalities or major injuries among our WELS families in any of these geographic areas.
The five locations of WELS ministries that were most profoundly affected thus far are: Edna, Victoria, Friendswood, Sienna Plantation, north Houston.
Edna: Edna was on the “dry” side of the storm but very close to the epicenter. She sustained lots of downed trees and power lines. With high winds and substantial rainfall, there is some property damage but no serious widespread flooding. Power is out but water is still good.
Victoria:  Same damage as Edna but power and water are both out.
Friendswood: The church and school are still not flooded, but many of the homes are. Some families had to be evacuated by boat or helicopter.  At least two teachers first floor apartments were flooded. They had already evacuated to safety.
Sienna Plantation: SP is under mandatory evacuation as the Brazos river continues to overflow.  The Academy sustained some tornado damage but was left largely in tact.  Future flooding of the campus and homes is still a big threat.
North Houston:  Lots of street flooding, some house flooding, but so far our church and school have been spared.  Some folks were rescued by boat. No one is hurt.
Corpus Christi: Thankfully, our church and families’ homes in Corpus Christi were not significantly damaged.
Katy: Church is still not flooded. Some members evacuated by boat. Most members homes not flooded yet.
Pastor Daron Lindemann is spearheading relief efforts by staying in close contact with the pastors from Edna and Victoria and our WELS Christian Aid and Relief leaders. Two relief supply trailers are on their way to Holy Word, Austin, and will arrive Wednesday. They will be taken to the Edna/Victoria area Thursday and initial cleanup will take place in that area Thursday through Sunday. Our staging area will be Redeemer Lutheran Church in Edna. Volunteers are needed and lodging will take place at the church.
On Monday, CAR representative, Mark Vance, will arrive in Austin and will help assess needs in the Edna/Victoria area.
I am staying in contact with Houston pastors and on Wednesday Mark Vance from CAR will meet with Houston pastors to assess damage and form a strategy with the pastors to meet campus needs, member needs, and also community needs.
In Georgetown, Tex., Pastor Mike Geiger, has ordered a pod and is collecting supplies from his community to take to areas affected by Harvey.  Maybe this an idea you could duplicate at your church.
If anyone would like to give monetary gifts to aid in the relief effort, go to www.wels.net and click on "Giving" and then click on "Christian Aid and Relief" and then designate your gift for "Hurricane Disaster Relief" in the drop down menu you will find at the bottom of the donate that page.
God has blessed us with huge challenge by sending Harvey.  Let's glorify his name by loving our church families and communities the way he calls us to.
This was sent out on Thursday:
WELS Christian Aid and Relief update concerning Hurricane Harvey relief efforts
Thank you for your prayers, your gifts, and your offers to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Please continue to keep these people in your prayers and ask the Lord to bless all relief efforts.  In this time of crisis, we pray that God’s people will find strength and comfort in our God of free and faithful love and his gracious promises.
WELS Christian Aid and Relief always seeks to personalize our relief efforts.  We are working through our congregations and leaders in the affected areas of Texas.  District President Don Patterson is in communication with his pastors as they assess the damage in their neighborhoods and consider ways to respond.  Meetings will be held on Tues., Sept. 5 in Victoria and Edna and Wed., Sept., 6 in Houston with area pastors, lay leaders, and a representative from WELS Christian Aid and Relief to determine further ways to help.
We are generally not first responders, but initial funds ($25,000) have been sent to District President Patterson and his representatives to address immediate needs.  We have also sent several relief trailers to our staging point at Holy Word, Austin, Tex., which include generators and other relief supplies and equipment.
We are not presently seeking donations of items to ship to Texas.  They will purchase the supplies they need down there.  If you wish to support this relief effort, the best way is to direct financial gifts to WELS Christian Aid and Relief, and designate the Hurricane Fund. To promote good communication, and at the request of our congregations in Texas, please direct questions about Hurricane Harvey disaster relief to Christian Aid and Relief rather than contacting  those local congregations in Texas.  You may contact Pastor Robert Hein at 262-334-7881 orrevrhein@gmail.com or Pastor Rich Warnecke at 262-424-8792 orpastorwarnecke@christpewaukee.org.
We are not presently sending volunteers to Texas.  The neighboring congregations have not yet asked for volunteers, nor are they ready to host them.  Right now, neighboring congregations in Texas are sending their own members into the affected areas to offer relief.  We are assisting their local efforts.  Thirty-five volunteers from Austin are headed to Edna and Victoria to start four days of relief work. Keep them in your prayers.
If you are interested in volunteering to assist with relief efforts, you are invited to fill out the online volunteer relief form.  As plans develop, and volunteers are requested, we will contact you.
Checks should be earmarked for WELS Christian Aid and Relief Hurricane Harvey and sent to
N16W23377 Stone Ridge Drive
Waukesha, WI 53188

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