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Staff & Leaders
Rev. Todd Engel, Assoc. Pastor
Rev. Todd Engel graduated from WLS in 1996. He accepted a call to Beaver Dam, WI followed by a call to Keystone, FL. In 2005 moved back to Minnesota after accepting a call to St. John's of Red Wing. This isn't his first tour of ministry in this area. Rev. Engel served as vicar for Christ Lutheran in Zumbrota before graduating from the seminary. Rev. Engel continues assisting in St. John's ministry with Bible Studies, youth activities and much more.

Contact Rev. Engel via E-mail at: pastorengel@stjohnsredwing.org
Annie Jonas, Church Secretary
Annie Jonas has been our church secretary since 2001. She is the information center of the church. You can contact her if you need something in the church bulletin, the newsletter, or on the church calendar.  
To reserve the church or the fellowship hall contact Annie at 651-388-2149 or e-mail her at churchsecretary@stjohnsredwing.org
Brent Schulz, Treasurer

Brent was elected to his first term in 2014 as Council Secretary. He left that position to serve as treasurer. His term as treasurer is complete in January 2018.

E-mail: treasurer@stjohnsredwing.org


Dale Krass, Board of Elders

Dale has served in many other aspects for the church council in past years including School board chairman, vice president and more. He is also on the CCCW.  He is serving his 2nd term as the Board of Elders Chairman. His term is complete in January 2020.

E-mail:  elders@stjohnsredwing.org

Luke Wegner, Board of Youth & Child Discipleship

Luke has experience being on the council as he has served as treasurer in the past. He also serves as our Synod Delegate. His 2nd term is complete in January 2019.


E-mail: youthchilddiscipleship@stjohnsredwing.org

Board of Worship

Has served in various Boards and Committees. This term is complete in January 2020.

E-mail: worship@stjohnsredwing.org

Rev. Peter Sternberg, Assoc. Pastor
Rev. Peter Sternberg, a 2005 WLS graduate, joined St. John's in 2014. He originally hails from Upper Michigan but grew up in Rhinelander, WI. At MLC he served as a tutor and coached before being assigned to St. Paul's in Franklin, WI.  He enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife. 
Contact Rev. Sternberg via E-mail at: pastorsternberg@stjohnsredwing.org
Jerald Plitzuweit, Church President

Jerry comes to St. John's via our Seminary. He served as a Professor and after retiring joined our church. He has already served on several boards and is now our Church President. His term January 2019.

Contact Jerry at president@stjohnsredwing.org

Kyle Klatt, Council Secretary

Kyle has served as Council Secretary for two terms. He is currently on his 2nd go round as Council Secretarty in his first. Kyle also manages the church softball team. This term will end in January 2020.


Bill Sell, Board of Adult Discipleship

Bill has just recently joined St. John's. This is his first term as Chairman to the Board of Adult Discipleship. His term is complete in January 2018.

E-mail adultdiscipleship@stjohnsredwing.org

David Pearson, Board of Church Properties

Dave is a long time member of St. John's. This is his first term as Chairman of Church Properties. This term will be complete in January 2019.

E-mail: churchproperties@stjohnsredwing.org

Todd Dicke, Board of Outreach

Todd is a life time member of St. John's and has served in many other council positions. He is currently serving his 2nd term as chair to the Board of Outreach. His term is complete in January 2018.

E-mail: outreach@stjohnsredwing.org

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