In the fall of 2000, Ross Deden got an invite from his cousin Ben Goelisch to join a Salary Cap Fantasy Football league through sandbox.com. Ross sent out invites to his friends. 4 church members joined that year and had fun. Goelisch won that year.

In 2001 Gun Gunhus became commissioner. The league went to head to head on went to a head to head league. We were up to 12 teams that year. Annie Jonas won that year. Ross Deden took over one year as Commissioner in another year of Salary Cap Fantasy football.

In 2003, Gun Gunhus became League Commissioner. 2003 was the first year going to Yahoo Fantasy Football. The league has been a head to head league ever since with Gun as commissioner.

In 2006, the league grew to 20 teams. This was the year the league was split into two conferences. The Deutsch and Norse Conferences. The names came from the fact that the WELS has a German background but Minnesota has more of a Norwegian background. We did this by setting up two separate leagues in Yahoo and Gun put out weekly reports so each league could see how the other was doing. This was also the first year we used a logo and dubbed the league St. John's Fantasy Football League.

In 2007, the league grew to 22 teams. Because of the size of the league the league went to myfantasyleague.com. The league was broken into 4 divisions for the second time. The first was in 2001. We have in the Deutsch Conference the North and South Divisions. In the Norse Conference we have the East and West Divisions. With the new site we can have up to 64 teams. Right now the goal is to get to 32 teams to simulate the NFL.
In 2008, the league grew once again, to 24 teams.

Other fantasy leagues for St. John's have come from this: MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NASCAR, NCAA Basketball Tournament Pick'em, and NCAA Football Bowl Pick'em.

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2000Ben Goelisch 
2001Annie Jonas 
2002Ben Goelisch 
2003Ben BainPembine Princes
2004Jack LeurquinThunder Jack
2005Rev. Todd EngelBring Back Hershel
2006Aaron Siepelpackattack
2007Joe OttoNo Clue
2008Gun GunhusMjolnir

Paul Benidt

The 23 Pack